Different Accessories for the Game of Dart

The game of darts is popular across the world. Apart from playing it socially, there are many who play the game professionally. The major elements for playing the game are darts, dartboard, dart shafts, dart flights etc. However, professionals require some additional dart supplies that are available in different dart shops.

Dartboard Stand

A dartboard is usually required to hang on the wall maintaining proper positioning. A dartboard stand becomes essential when you want to travel with your dartboard. It is also a crucial accessory for the competition organisers. Different styles of stands are available. Usually, these stands are configured with 3 or 4 legs and 4-legged stands are more stable. Stands often come with a complete set of dartboard and backboard along with scoreboard.

Dartboard Lighting

Lighting options are available as an accessory for the dartboard players. It ensures 100% clear visibility by eliminating any shadow on the board. These LED lighting rings do not affect dart throwing. The lights are designed to last for long and are energy-efficient.

Dartboard Cabinet

In modern dart shops, dartboard cabinets are available today. These cabinets allow you to keep your dartboard protected inside the cabinet when it is not in use. It also allows for protecting the wall. Cabinets come in a wide variety of designs and finishes that may suit your interior. Apart from regular dartboard cabinets, you can find cabinet sets that include dartboards and darts as well. 

Shaft Accessories

Shaft accessories are available in the market to help you keep your shafts in good condition. Rubber rings can reduce the chance of loosening of the shafts, various types of shaft crowns and shaft tools can help you remove a broken shaft from the dart easily.

Flight Accessories

Varied types of flight accessories are also available in dart shops that act a significant role in making your flights last longer. These accessories ensure that the flights stick better to your shafts. You can attach the flights to the shafts with an accessory like a lock ring.

Accessories are designed to take care of your darts, dartboards and other important elements.