The Effect of Rockwell Hardness Test Technology

Rockwell hardness test

Hardness, mostly applied to metal, is a valuable and common mechanical test. The information collected in the test can be used to describe the critical performance of the material and give insight on its strength, capabilities and durability. These tests are common in automotive, structural and failure analysis among other core industries. The Rockwell hardness test requires an accurate procedure in the indentation of the right hardness scale. Currently, there are 30 different scales for applying in brass, steel and other metals. Before purchasing a scale, it is advisable to have clear basics of the requirements of each to ensure accuracy in the Rockwell test. Take note of the material to be tested, its thickness, area, homogeneity, the test location and the scale limitations.

Rockwell hardness test

How it Works

The Rockwell hardness test determines the hardness of a specimen. In this test, the depth of penetration is what determines the level of hardness. This is the most common type of hardness testing method because it is simple and the result can be gathered from the machine. Besides the material, the condition of the surface and the geometry of the specimen, exposure to heat treatment also determines the accuracy of the results. In some cases, different hardness tests may be employed to determine the hardness value. Note that the type of test to use is often dictated by the requirements of the end-use. The latest technology allows Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial testing in the same machine, guaranteeing the highest level of integrity in the final results. Given that the Rockwell test has to be precise, even a minor error of 0.001 inches could cause an error.

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