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Water damage

Water damage is covered to a certain extent. Water damage is a really big part of damage and can be done in a lot of different ways. Not all ways are covered. Ways of water damage that are covered are heavy rainfall that comes into your warehouse in one or another way. Snow is also a way of water damage that is covered by insurance. Hail on roofs is a common way of water damage. balconies, filed gutters or failed drainages. Also things that are connected to each other are covered. Water damage due to water that comes from a sprinkler system out of nowhere or water out of the air conditioning is all covered by a content insurance policy. Storm damage is also a common form of damage done to a warehouse. A storm is wind with the power of 46 feet per second or more. By most of the insurance companies the policy is that all of the damage done by a storm is covered for 98% of the damage. 2% of the damage has to come out of your own pocket.


Theft is a grey area if it comes to insurance. Theft is only covered if a thief left traces of getting inside.