How to prevent tick bites?

prevent tick bites

Tick bites are not good, just as tick bites are not good for dogs. It is not good for your health because there is a chance that you will get a serious infection from it. That infection is a disease called LYME, which is most common in spring and summer. But the disease can also be contracted at any time.

Protecting your health

It is very important to safeguard your health. But how do you protect yourself from those tick bites? We will give you some tips, each of which is very important against tick bites. Ticks are very small and can be anywhere, so it is very difficult to protect yourself.


When you go hiking, you really have to be careful, especially in the mountains and forests. Ticks are most common there, so keep to the middle of the path. If you want to go deeper into the woods, I would really recommend wearing tick-resistant clothing.

Wear tick repellent socks, but of course also other tick-resistant clothing. These will help you get through the woods without getting a tick bite. So my tip is: don’t go into the forest without tick-resistant clothing, in no time you will get a tick bite and that’s not nice. Especially with a view to an infection.

At home 

Ticks can also be around your house and often in your backyard, without bothering you, but they are there. What can you do about it? There are a few things you can do:

  • Keep your garden in a good state
  • Keep the woods and sitting areas secluded from each other
  • Make sure you don’t have any mice
  • Keep materials such as stone and wood neat and tidy

Ticks get Lyme disease from mice, so if you keep materials like wood and stones neat and tidy, you won’t get mice. Also nearby your home, it is really important to wear anti tick clothing in the forest.

Round Lounger to unwind and relax indoors or out

round lounger

Dutch Riviera designs and manufactures their own stylish loungers themselves and they make sure that they can offer their customers a nice variety, of which their round lounger is always a popular choice. Dutch Riviera is customer-oriented and is always ready to adapt to suit customers. You can purchase these round loungers within your budget and order any of them online. They are then shipped directly to your place ready to use as you like.

round lounger

You get a choice of styles and comfort

Luxury round daybeds or loungers are comfortable, stylish pieces of furniture for modern outdoor living. You can choose different colors to blend in with your own distinct style. Let your head rest back and spread your arms over the back part while you relax on the comfy cushion. Made from sturdy materials with soft cushioning and solid metal or wood frames, you get an excellent lounger from a reputed manufacturer.

Silver antler necklace

silver antler necklace

A silver antler necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that fits every individual. It is a form of jewelry that has unlimited ways of style. Different people like different styles. That is why Swirly Pearly has a wide variety of necklaces. People who like clean design and not too much extra on the necklace will find a necklace at Swirly Pearly. Also people who like more daring designs will also find the necklace they want on their website. The company that has become a great name in the scene due to its great use of the greatest pearls from around the globe. These necklaces are made from pearls that are cultivated in farms all around the globe.

More than just necklaces

Apart from the silver antler necklace there is a lot of other jewelry that you can buy on the website. These are things like bracelets, clothing and brooches. Brooches are a nice classy detail to use on a dress or other clothing for a special occasion. This can be a wedding, a gala you name it. This type of jewelry will make your whole outfit complete and special. If you want to make your whole outfit fit you can wear a necklace, bracelets and brooch from the most amazing pearls. 

silver antler necklace

How do they find these freshwater pearls?

Pearls are a real treasure made by mother nature. These pearls that are used for the silver antler necklace for example are farmed in farms that focus on the best technique to make sure that the clams will produce the most beautiful pearls that you have ever seen. The most amazing part about these pearls is that all of the pearls are different. Mother nature makes every pearl a little different. This can be in color, shape and size. To make sure they only use the best of pearls this company scatters around the world to find the best farms that use the best way to farm these pearls used for the amazing necklaces and bracelets. If you want to find a perfect piece of jewelry for you or maybe a loved one.

More information about warehouse insurance on

Are you looking for more information on warehouse insurance and what they cover if things are destroyed by fire or a thief? You can find this information about different insurance companies and tips on how to find an insurance company that fits you the best on

Water damage

Water damage is covered to a certain extent. Water damage is a really big part of damage and can be done in a lot of different ways. Not all ways are covered. Ways of water damage that are covered are heavy rainfall that comes into your warehouse in one or another way. Snow is also a way of water damage that is covered by insurance. Hail on roofs is a common way of water damage. balconies, filed gutters or failed drainages. Also things that are connected to each other are covered. Water damage due to water that comes from a sprinkler system out of nowhere or water out of the air conditioning is all covered by a content insurance policy. Storm damage is also a common form of damage done to a warehouse. A storm is wind with the power of 46 feet per second or more. By most of the insurance companies the policy is that all of the damage done by a storm is covered for 98% of the damage. 2% of the damage has to come out of your own pocket.


Theft is a grey area if it comes to insurance. Theft is only covered if a thief left traces of getting inside.

The real cost of bad wifi for your business

setting up mesh wifi

When it comes to business, time equals money. Few things are more annoying than having to wait minutes to download a simple file or being unable to send an email to a client because your internet connection keeps timing out. Nowadays, a quick and reliable internet connection is vital for (nearly) all businesses. If you can’t rely on a stable internet connection, you are throwing away money. Luckily there are smart solutions to solve these problems, such as installing a mesh WiFi network.

Why are the costs of bad connectivity so high?

At first sight, a bad internet connection may not seem so much of a big deal. It’s obviously annoying, but it really starts to matter when you realise that you are throwing away money. A bad and unreliable internet connection can cost you money for several reasons. Structural bad connectivity has a huge impact on productivity. If you are an entrepreneur, it will only affect your own productivity. If you run a small or medium-sized company, you can imagine the negative influence it has. On top of that, constantly experiencing delays in workflow has a very strong impact on ones mood, which could easily lead to frustrated employees.

If you are offering a free (or even paid) internet connection to your customers as part of your service, you will definitely lose clients if they perceive a negative experience. Let’s say you run a coffee shop and a sheer amount of your customers come to your place to have a cappuccino and work on their laptops (like Starbucks), but your internet connection is unreliable. it’s very likely that your customers will choose a different spot the next time they consider working remotely.

Best way to fix a bad WiFi connection

There are several ways to fix a bad WiFi connection. Sometimes the solution can be very simple (like selecting a new place for your router, using a WiFi repeater or switching to a different WiFi channel). But in most cases – and especially for most businesses – those solutions will not do the job for you. One of the most efficient ways to make sure that you are getting the most out of your WiFi, is setting up a mesh network. A mesh wifi system is basically the same as a regular router, but they work a lot smarter and in an highly efficient way. Mesh WiFi allow faster speeds, a smoother reliability and a much improved coverage of the area.

Click here if you want to learn more about mesh WiFi.

How can a BPM software be useful to your company?

Ever wanted to know what a BPM tool is and how it can be useful to your company? Don’t wait any longer and let’s skip to the following paragraph. 

Business Process Management (BPM) is all about optimizing business processes. It is a comprehensive management approach, which strives for effectiveness and efficiency of the organization in combination with innovation and flexibility, mostly used in an online environment or a software. BPM analyzes the processes in the organization instead of the functions. Since the industrial revolution, companies have emphasized the functional organization of departments, departments and offices. Each part had its own task and when it was completed, the service or product was transferred to the next department.

Setting objectives

In the early 1990s, a growing group of companies began to emphasize the process: which route does a customer order take through the company? Can that route be more effective and efficient? With the central goal of a more satisfied customer, through higher quality, faster delivery and/or better prices. It is not about managing different department objectives, but about adjusting them. Central to the management of the business process: Business Process Management.

BPM software maps business processes, makes them transparent and guarantees knowledge of these processes. The goal: by making processes measurable, transparent and improvable, a company can improve its own performance and is better able to innovate. An example for a good working BPM software, is the Blue Dolphin tool from ValueBlue; a handy tool to get insight into your company environment and a good place to directly command orders to your co workers or give them information about work that still needs to be done. All in an online environment, which is more effective than saving lots of paperwork on a desk. 

Want to know more about a tool like this? Click on one of the links to get more information. 

The Effect of Rockwell Hardness Test Technology

Rockwell hardness test

Hardness, mostly applied to metal, is a valuable and common mechanical test. The information collected in the test can be used to describe the critical performance of the material and give insight on its strength, capabilities and durability. These tests are common in automotive, structural and failure analysis among other core industries. The Rockwell hardness test requires an accurate procedure in the indentation of the right hardness scale. Currently, there are 30 different scales for applying in brass, steel and other metals. Before purchasing a scale, it is advisable to have clear basics of the requirements of each to ensure accuracy in the Rockwell test. Take note of the material to be tested, its thickness, area, homogeneity, the test location and the scale limitations.

Rockwell hardness test

How it Works

The Rockwell hardness test determines the hardness of a specimen. In this test, the depth of penetration is what determines the level of hardness. This is the most common type of hardness testing method because it is simple and the result can be gathered from the machine. Besides the material, the condition of the surface and the geometry of the specimen, exposure to heat treatment also determines the accuracy of the results. In some cases, different hardness tests may be employed to determine the hardness value. Note that the type of test to use is often dictated by the requirements of the end-use. The latest technology allows Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial testing in the same machine, guaranteeing the highest level of integrity in the final results. Given that the Rockwell test has to be precise, even a minor error of 0.001 inches could cause an error.

The Best Retail Marketing Strategy for your Business

Retail marketing strategy

The search for a comprehensive strategy for my retail business brought me to Encode. The company produces a practical model, useful in any retail business across the divide. A combination of business-to-business approach, business operations and content development form the bulk of the strategy.

Retail marketing strategy

The Retail Marketing In-house Approach

The retail marketing strategy is first developed within the company. It made me acknowledge the importance of business processes from which the campaign would enrich. It made me ready for meetings with the supplier, know where the problem was and understood where I should focus. Also, knowing my product is essential. Describe it to precision and make the customer understand its use.

The Retail Marketing Distribution Approach

My team approved the marketing material before taking it to the supplier for production. From logos, pictograms, images to product briefs, the content was aligned. Sharing of the marketing material targeted the shareholders and concerned parties. We had a grip of the point-of-sale and customer service from the backend. The result was a seamless campaign and excellent product visibility in the market. This retail marketing strategy significantly improved how I handled marketing campaigns moving forward.

Bamboo Furniture from

Furniture determines the outlook of the house. I particularly fancy the elegance and outlook that comes with bamboo furniture. The fact that this furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors is impressive. Given the different types of design in the market, I get confused with which of them to embrace to meet my stylistic designs. However, since I found out about the Danish Design & Interior, my problems have been solved as their services are outstanding. Besides, the fact that they continuously restock their furniture allows me to enjoy the best in both worlds as I get not only my best brands but also the best advice in interior designs.

Timely delivery and impressive customer service

The first time I bought bamboo furniture from the company, I was impressed with the customer service and the overall delivery. I had the opportunity to explore and seek guidelines on the choices that would fit in my apartment, and the customer service personnel gladly answered all my questions. Also, I had the opportunity to access the company at any time from the comfort of my house using their website address Additionally, I was impressed by the timely delivery of the bamboo furniture and their long-lasting nature as they fit in different types of atmosphere.

Different Accessories for the Game of Dart

The game of darts is popular across the world. Apart from playing it socially, there are many who play the game professionally. The major elements for playing the game are darts, dartboard, dart shafts, dart flights etc. However, professionals require some additional dart supplies that are available in different dart shops.

Dartboard Stand

A dartboard is usually required to hang on the wall maintaining proper positioning. A dartboard stand becomes essential when you want to travel with your dartboard. It is also a crucial accessory for the competition organisers. Different styles of stands are available. Usually, these stands are configured with 3 or 4 legs and 4-legged stands are more stable. Stands often come with a complete set of dartboard and backboard along with scoreboard.

Dartboard Lighting

Lighting options are available as an accessory for the dartboard players. It ensures 100% clear visibility by eliminating any shadow on the board. These LED lighting rings do not affect dart throwing. The lights are designed to last for long and are energy-efficient.

Dartboard Cabinet

In modern dart shops, dartboard cabinets are available today. These cabinets allow you to keep your dartboard protected inside the cabinet when it is not in use. It also allows for protecting the wall. Cabinets come in a wide variety of designs and finishes that may suit your interior. Apart from regular dartboard cabinets, you can find cabinet sets that include dartboards and darts as well. 

Shaft Accessories

Shaft accessories are available in the market to help you keep your shafts in good condition. Rubber rings can reduce the chance of loosening of the shafts, various types of shaft crowns and shaft tools can help you remove a broken shaft from the dart easily.

Flight Accessories

Varied types of flight accessories are also available in dart shops that act a significant role in making your flights last longer. These accessories ensure that the flights stick better to your shafts. You can attach the flights to the shafts with an accessory like a lock ring.

Accessories are designed to take care of your darts, dartboards and other important elements.